The Adventures of Sergio and Luna

Forthcoming illustrated chapter-book series featuring Sergio, an endangered pygmy three-toed sloth, and Luna, the autistic girl he looks after. A spin-off from the Timmy and the Golden Lion Tamarin Guardian Angel Animal Series, where Sergio emerges from Luna’s favorite book to help her deal with the stress and pressures of being newly mainstreamed in school, The Adventures of Sergio and Luna take the reader into the rich imaginative world Luna creates, where she and Sergio are able to jump in and out of any book and become the heroes of the story.

  • Did the Search for Nessie Help Save Sergio?

    On the face of it, Cryptozoologists* and wildlife conservation scientists** don’t have much in common. Cryptozoology is widely considered a pseudoscience because its enthusiasts don’t follow conventional scientific methods while searching for monsters and mythological creatures, like Nessie and Bigfoot, which are also known as […]

  • Sloth on a Shelf – Day 24

    After Sergio and the crew arrived home, Luna clung to Sergio like she’d never let him go. He told her he had BIG news from Santa and her eyes grew huge. Next thing we knew, a helicopter flying overhead descended and Santa came down on a rope. Hopping off, he greeted Sergio, Luna, Rin, Ella, Bobo, Finn, Jagger, Sandy, and ... Read More The […]

  • Sloth on a Shelf – Day 23

    After decorating the tree for the woodland creatures, the crew set off for home. After flying for an hour, Sergio became worried. They didn’t seem to be getting closer to anything they should know. He double-checked with Rin and Ella, who agreed they were off course. Rather than panic, Sergio thought about all the Christmas stories he had […]