The Guardian Angel Animal Series

A forthcoming illustrated chapter-book series exploring the social issues, as well as physical and emotional challenges, encountered by children today. Each book has a child facing a problem and an endangered animal friend appears who helps them resolve or adapt to their problem.

Book One introduces eight-year-old Timmy Hawkins, new to the town of Angels Harbor, missing his friends from his old school and feeling like an outcast. The school bully makes Timmy’s life unbearable until he is able to face the bully down with the help of his new-found friend, Rin. Timmy and Rin are active throughout the series, helping each new friend successfully resolve their issue.



Book Two continues the series with Timmy’s best friend, Allison. Timmy notices that Allison seems to be having a tough time and she confesses that she’s finding life at home difficult. Since her mother was killed in a car accident, and her dad remarried, she has two step-sisters who like nothing better than to make her life miserable.

Timmy, and of course our favorite monkey, Rin, help Allison to ask for help in dealing with her situation. Allison then finds a baby Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur hiding in the magnolia trees and she suddenly has an ally at home. Ella, named after Allison’s favorite fairy tale, helps Allison open her heart and brings the family together.

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LK Griffie * Luke Mathews * Olivia Claire
Created by Luke Matthews
Illustrated by Marie Beschorner

Book 1:
Timmy and the Golden Lion Tamarin

Issue: School Bullying
Guardian Angel Animal: Baby Golden Lion Tamarin (Character name: Rin)

Note: This year, over 5 million American kids will be bullied at school, online, on the bus, at home, through their cell phones and on the streets of their towns, making it the most common form of violence young people in this country experience.

Before moving to Angels Harbor, eight-year-old Timmy Hawkins loved going to school. He had friends, teachers who cared, and enjoyed learning. But all that changed because of a bully named Zeke McGee who has made it his mission to terrorize Timmy. None of the other kids will help because they’re afraid they will be next. Timmy doesn’t know how he’s going to make it through the school year, when a baby Golden Lion Tamarin shows up in his backyard. Timmy quickly befriends the little animal and names him Rin. When the critter sneaks into Timmy’s backpack one day and goes to school with him, Zeke finds out he has bullied the wrong boy. Timmy gains confidence from having his “guardian angel animal” around, and for the first time makes a stand against Zeke and his bullying friends.

Book 2:
A CinderELLA Tail

(A Timmy and the Golden Lion Tamarin book)
Issue: New step-family
Guardian Angel Animal: Baby Mouse Lemur (Character name: Ella)

Allison’s mother is killed in a car accident on her sixth birthday, and her dad recently remarried. Not only does she have a demanding stepmother to adjust to, but twin step-sisters who seem to thrive on making her life miserable. Allison feels like the family outcast and wishes she had a mouse to help her like Cinderella did. Soon after, a baby mouse lemur appears that no one can see but Allison, and she names her Ella. The critter helps Allison avert a near tragedy and works to bring the family together, healing the pain and hurt.

Book 3: The Blue-Footed Miracle
Issue: Illness/Cancer
Guardian Angel Animal: Blue Footed Booby (Character name: Bobo)

When Michael falls ill and loses his hair from the treatment needed to get well, his biggest loss is his sense of humor. He shuts himself off from friends until Bobo, a funny, blue-footed booby, mysteriously appears out of nowhere, restoring the laughter in his life and helping him on his path to heal.

Book 4: When a Stuffed Animal Comes to Life (Working title)
Issue: Poverty
Guardian Angel Animal: Fennec Fox (name: Finn)

When 7-year-old Lindsay’s dad returns home from the Middle East, their family falls on hard times. Injured in the war, her dad is disabled and cannot work. Bullied for being on food stamps and wearing ill-fitting, hand-me-down clothes, Lindsay is sad and afraid. Then after a chance encounter with Timmy and Rin, Lindsay’s beloved stuffed animal, a small, white Fennec Fox, comes to life, helping her cope as the family struggles to survive.

Book 5: Luna and Sergio the 3-toed Sloth
(Has potential to be a spin-off series)
Issue: Autism
Guardian Angel Animal: Pygmy Three-toed Sloth (Character name: Sergio)

Mainstreamed into a regular classroom, 7-year-old Luna’s autism is threatening to overwhelm her until she meets Sergio, a pygmy three-toed sloth, who keeps her from being expelled.

Book 6: Danny and Jagger the Wolverine (Working title)
Issue: Child abuse by parent
Guardian Angel Animal: Baby Wolverine

Timmy and Rin discover their friend Danny and his mom are being abused by Danny’s dad.

Book 7: Sandy the Sand Cat Lends a Paw (Working Title)
Issue: Parental Kidnapping
Guardian Angel Animal: Sand Cat (Character name: Sandy)

Timmy and Rin must help a new friend at Angel Harbors Elementary when they discover their friend has been kidnapped by their father and enrolled under a false identity.

Book 8: Tizzy, the Tasmanian Devil (Working Title)
Issue: ADHD
Guardian Angel Animal: Tasmanian Devil (Character name: Tizzy)

A child suffering from ADHD needs help focusing and Timmy and Rin help them find their guardian angel animal.

The Illustrator: Marie Beschorner

Marie is a digital artist, illustrator, daydreamer, passionate storyteller, and book lover with an addiction for tea. She lives and works in Sweden and Germany, oscillating between Stockholm’s rich, creative spirit and the pleasant boredom of her hometown in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. In her art, Marie follows the call of the wild, taking you with her to explore enchanted forests, swaying fields, and secret places in the heart of nature.

Inspiration comes to her on soft paws ‒ in the shape of a shy wolf, a brisk squirrel or a swift fox. Her illustrations show her fascination with wildlife, and through mesmerizing use of light and color, they radiate an atmosphere which transcends beyond the mere viewing experience onto a rich emotional plane.

Driven by a strong interest in art and storytelling, Marie decided to study language and literature, graduating with a B.A. and complemented these studies with a degree in art. Her studies provided her with the playground she needed to explore creative means to express herself. Her curiosity and a liking for the unexpected led to her art project ‘Soldiers. Sights/Sides,’ in which she followed the everyday routines of British Soldiers based in Germany, whilst documenting her observations in artistic ways. The project claimed critical attention and was awarded with the Käthe Sander Wietfeld Award for Young Art.

An academic background in art provides Marie with a broad spectrum of styles performed with different types of media. Her former exhibitions featured oil and acrylic paintings, oil pastel drawings, artistic installations as well as photography. Working as an assistant researcher and holding guest lectures allowed her to focus on the close analysis of visual art. Although Marie enjoys teaching, she followed her heart’s desire to work as an illustrator, focusing on subjects which are close to her. She started Company of Wolves and dove into the world of tales and stories, color and light, and the magic of the moment.