Middle Grade Books by Liana Gardner

The 7th Grade Revolution

Washington Academy Middle School promises to be another in the long line of boring schools Dennis Alexander has been expelled from. Although trained from infancy in survival tactics, Rhonda Snodgrass scuttles from class to class trying to stay off the radar of the “cool” kids who think she’s a big joke. But seventh grade turns out to be anything but business as usual when the teachers announce the students’ bloodless revolution succeeded and they are now in charge of the school. After trooping down to the basement to conduct a secret-ballot vote on policy, the seventh graders emerge to find the rest of the school evacuated and the FBI lurking outside with the task of unearthing a treasure of national importance. The students’ mission is clear—discover the treasure before the FBI shuts down the school.

Dennis and Rhonda arise as the unlikely leaders of the revolt and must work together to follow clues more than a century old left by the crazy former owner of the estate which houses the school. To stay one step ahead of the FBI, they must delve into history and amass an arsenal to defend their school because this is WAR!

The Journal of Angela Ashby

At a school carnival, a mysterious fortune-teller looks into the future and tells twelve-year-old Angela Ashby she has great power. Madame Vadoma gives her a journal and warns her to use it well. Nothing prepares Angela for the journal’s power—when she pours her heart onto its pages her desires come true. She tests the journal by conjuring a gnome, a unicorn, and a farting fairy and then uses it to stop the bullies in their tracks. But the unintended consequences alienate her best friend and put her favorite teacher in danger of losing her job. After she shares her deepest desire of all—that her parents get back together—her adversary steals the journal, and Angela fears she will use it to bring mayhem to the entire school.

The Star Warriors


The Homeless Myths Series is the current work in progress. Five homeless kids struggle to survive the streets of Los Angeles and unwittingly wind up as key players in a life and death struggle to give humanity a second chance.